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Monsanto Class Action Lawsuit!

The Monsanto Class Action Lawsuit is headed to a town near you. So stay in the loop. If California is able to win this lawsuit against Monsanto, other state attorneys will also start picking up this lawsuit.                                                                                                                Monsanto-Lawsuit

Then perhaps more of us “simple citizens” will be awarded some money. Maybe we will get enough money to pay our huge healthcare costs.

Monsanto if you don’t know who they are, is the corporation that has designed, manufactures and distributes the herbicide Roundup.

 This herbicide is advertised to be “safe” to humans and not carcinogenic. Monsanto actually boasts about how safe this products is, when in fact it is a total lie.

The class action lawsuit (Case No: BC 578 942) was filed in Los Angeles County, California against biotechnology giant Monsanto. The lawsuit accuses  Monsanto of:  The deliberate falsification to conceal the fact that glyphosate is harmful to humans and animals.

This lawsuit alleges that the active ingredient in their product “glyphosate”  is advertised as “safe to Humans” when actually it attacks the same enzymes in humans as it is designed to attack in plants.

The lawsuit attests that the enzyme in question, EPSP synthase, is found in the microbiota that reside in our intestinal tracts, and therefore the enzyme is “found in humans and animals.” Due to the disruption of gut flora by glyphosate, Monsanto’s chemicals do indeed affect humans.                                                                                   Good Bacteria

Only weeks ago was another lawsuit filed in China over a wanting a full disclosure of the toxicology report of the same herbicide, Roundup. The case has been accepted and the collegiate panel of the court has informed the plaintiff that, considering that Monsanto is a stakeholder to the case, they have added Monsanto as an involved party.

It was reported that the Chinese had asked for the toxicology report earlier, but were denied the report. The Ministry said that they had to protect “trade secrets” of Monsanto and other biotech bullies.

Now that Monsanto is facing this huge problem in two huge markets, the USA and China, perhaps the truth will now be revealed, once and for all.

Attorney T. Matthew Phillips says:

“The defendant intentionally misleads consumers by misrepresenting and concealing the true and correct facts concerning glyphosate. We are not trying to prove that Roundup is harmful or carcinogenic, we are merely pointing out that Monsanto is lying about the enzymes that Roundup targets. Roundup kills the weeds in your backyard and the weeds in your stomach.”

I reposted this report from , because it is news that effects us all. To learn more about this lawsuit or how residents of California can add their names to the class. Plaintiffs are soliciting funds to help cover litigation costs:

T. Matthew Phillips will ask the court to compel the Defendant to reimburse donors, with interest.

I strongly urge you to find out your own research, if you object to mine.

My sole purpose in revealing this report is for everyone’s protection. As Neil Young has stated before, “Monsanto is the perfect Poster Child for wrongdoings”, because they have been found guilty several times of “falsifying documents” and “deceitful practices”.

I hope that you have found this article interesting and I also hope you would like to comment or suggest your opinions about this article. I look forward to hearing from you.

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10 thoughts on “Poison In foods

  1. OMG… I had no idea, and I’m so glad I offered to give feedback to YOUR plea out of the many that do ask. I think you have plainly stated the facts with proper references, and therefore readers know this is a true revealing. Thank you so much. As to the website, clean, clear, well imaged, and more than necessary.

    1. Thank you Esther for your kind words. It is amazing how blatant this overuse of herbicide is now poisoning the people it is advertised as protecting. When will this country see the light?

      1. This is very alarming and something should be done about this out of control corporation. It seems every time I turn around, new allegations arise about this company. What makes them so powerful that the government doesn’t stop them from poisoning all of us?

        1. Cami, you are right about this corporation is running out of control, like a ship without a rudder. They are creating GMO’s which on the surface don’t look like poison. Even their herbicide, Roundup, was originally patented as an antibiotic for humans. But it turns out to not only kill weeds but it is also slowly poisoning Humans because it doesn’t wash off the food after it is harvested. These GMO’s are actually bred with the genes that make it immune to the herbicide, however, us Humans are not bred to be immune to this poison. Our corrupt government gets a lot of funding from Monsanto to ‘look the other way’ and pass laws that favor their control. This is why only the people can stop them…Don’t buy any Monsanto products! Hurt them in the pocketbook, which hurts them the most.

  2. Kenneth,
    This was a very interesting post. I have never even heard of Monsanto before. I live in the midwest and everyone here uses Roundup. I will have to check this out.

    1. Thank you Sherry for reading my article. Growing up my Dad always exclaimed how wonderful Roundup was at killing weeds. If it was good enough for him, it was good enough for me. But forty years later I discovered through my diligent research that “glyphosate”, the active ingredient in Roundup, was originally patented as a pharmaceutical drug! Does that tell you anything about the Giant Monsanto?

  3. Very informative! It’s amazing (in a very sad way) that so many different harmful ingredients are being passed without much thought as to how it will affect us, and all for the sake of monetary fulfillment. =(
    Thanks for posting.


    1. Kylie, you would be very surprised just how bad it really is. My research has uncovered dozens of unpublished proof that show how Monsanto has sidestepped the law, falsified documents, and got their hands into everyone’s pockets. Let us hope that the lawsuit I featured in this post will start a cascading effect on the stranglehold grip of Monsanto around our throats!

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