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I used to say the best way to maintain a healthy body is to detox your system on a weekly basis by eating foods that are healthy. This is 2013, so turn the page… You should detox your body on a daily basis, because of the sheer amount of toxins you come in contact with every day.

I have provided some recipes especially for that purpose: to aid you in selecting healthy foods that are full of vitamins and detoxing qualities.

By using these recipes you will gain a healthier way of eating which you should replace your old ways of comfort cravings of foods that are unhealthy for you. Old habits are hard to break, as the old saying goes. However, these delicious recipes are especially designed to detox your body while providing a constant volume of beneficial nutrients for a healthier standard.


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green smoothies



Master Cleanse Detox Recipe Juice

Strawberry Orange Tea Smoothie

Heavy metal Detox Juice

Detox Tea

Fruit Salad

Buckwheat Pancakes


Banana Bread

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