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What Foods Help Burn More Calories?

Energize Your Body to Burn More Calories

     I want to talk about what foods you can eat to burn more calories. I’m talking about up to 30% more calories from some foods. Just think for a moment if your body was to burn 30% more calories a day, everyday, what that would do for you losing weight. Easy ways to burn calories is by eating the right foods. Continue reading What Foods Help Burn More Calories?

Optimize Your Liver to Burn Away Fat

Kick Your Body into Fat-Burning Overdrive

 In one of my post I told you how important your Thyroid gland is to regulating blood sugar and why detoxifying this gland is a precursor to losing weight. The report shows how closely your Thyroid works with your liver to keeping surges of blood sugar at bay. But did you know that by eating just a few everyday common foods that you can naturally detoxify your liver as well, to actually kick-start your body into a hyper-mode fat-burning machine? Continue reading Optimize Your Liver to Burn Away Fat