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Arthritis Relief

Take Control of Your Arthritis

Get Your Life Back!


    Red, burning, swollen and so stiff you can barely move.. That’s what its like for those people who suffer from arthritis on a daily basis. If this is an experience that you know all too well, then you probably are one of the 46 million Americans (that’s one out of every five people) that are living with arthritis every day.

Too better understand how to get relief from this debilitating disease we need to dig a little deeper into its root cause. Continue reading Arthritis Relief

Inflammation from Food

Is Food Causing Your Body Pain?


How can an anti-inflammatory diet stop your pain?

    There is nothing worse than waking up every day with aches and pains, no matter how much sleep you get. Inflammation of joints and muscles can leave you with immobility and make you feel much older than you really are. But recent research shows that chronic inflammation in your body can lead to serious diseases such as diabetes,heart disease, some cancers, and Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. Continue reading Inflammation from Food