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Is CBD Oil for Pain More Than Opioids?

Doctors that are familiar with medical-grade cannabis all agree that CBD and THC hemp oil should be the first line of defense against chronic pain. So is CBD Oil for pain more than opioids – Yes, most certainly.

CBD oil products are not addictive nor do they pose an overdose problem. They also have amazing other natural benefits for the body that other man-made medications don’t possess.

Opioids and other heavy-duty pain medications should only be prescribed after the first line medication has been exhausted.

Learn how CBD Oil was found to address pain issues better than opioids and avoiding addictions and overdoses.

All because of a chance discovery by two researchers at St. Louis University Medical School 31 years ago… They found a tiny receptor in the brain of a rat that no scientist had ever noticed before.

But then, four years later, in a different lab more than 6,000 miles away, it all became crystal clear…

In a study conducted at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, investigators identified a naturally occurring molecule in the body that fits precisely into the “mystery receptor”—as a key into a lock.

And that key opened the door to a whole new, hidden physiological system in the human body. A system that rivals the immune system and the cardiovascular system in its scope and importance.

This new system is now known as the Endocannabinoid System. this system has the ability to unlock vast healing powers that our bodies can unleash toward some of the deadliest epidemics we face today…


Epidemics like,


Chronic pain

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease



And more…

  • Learn how this system can help conquer America’s opioid crisis
  • Discover why Big Pharma is desperate to keep knowledge of this system away from the public—and how they’re succeeding
  • See this system’s breathtaking research for acute pain, chronic pain, and arthritis
  • Learn how this system can change the very way our mind perceives pain
  • Meet patients who use this system to battle their pain—and even hear from one man who was able to quit opioids for good

How the Endocannabinoid System Works

The Wikipedia defines the endocannabinoid system (ECS) as a biological system composed of endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoid receptor proteins that are expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system (including the brain) and peripheral nervous system.

The Cannabinoid receptors, located throughout the body are involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. When these receptors, known as CB1 and CB2, are stimulated with a (binding molecule) anandamide, as well as its mimetic phytocannabinoid, THC, along with the other main endocannabinoid (2-AG) along with its own mimetic phytocannabinoid, CBD, have an ability to regulate signals of the nerve endings responsible for pain sensation.

My interpretation of the above paragraph on how these receptors respond to CBD and THC is that the pain signal to the brain is reduced by making awareness of the pain tolerable. Opioids don’t bind to the receptors as well as CBD or THC. Opioids dull the brains’ sensory to the pain but also significantly dulls the brains’ ability to function properly.

This is a breakthrough in the modern-day medical treatment of chronic pain issues. Most pharmaceutical medications, including opioids, have significant side effects that do some permanent damage to other parts of the body. There are possibilities of addiction as well as complications to overdose on these medications, especially pain medications.

CBD and THC do not have any side effects for most people nor is it possible to overdose on either of them. But is it an end-all to the opioid epidemic?

How Does CBD Oil Relieve Pain

This oil has been found to bind easily with the endocannabinoid receptors of the body to act as a switch to turn off the pain signals to the brain.

As a medical doctor, Dustin Sulak, D.O., explains with people experiencing pain, “THC seems to be the part of the plant that is the most strongly effective at reducing pain. It is not just a pain reliever though, it is also a muscle relaxant, and it decreases the intensity of pain. It also changes the way people experience pain. – this is called the “affective component” of pain. So the pain becomes less bothersome.”

Doctor Sulak continues by adding, “CBD, also mimics pain relief but in a slightly different way. CBD is mostly comprised of other components such as CBN, and CBL, other natural cannabinoids, and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. It doesn’t have any of the psychoactive cannabinoid (THC) which is the mind-altering cannabinoid.”

This is what makes CBD oil so appealing to most people. It offers pain relief without the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceutical drugs. It is also commercially produced in several different applications to aid people in their preferred applications.

It’s in a liquid form, usually in coconut oil or olive oil. This system has an eyedropper that distributes one full dose. It is normally dispensed under the tongue. It’s in flavored oils for people who don’t like the natural taste.

It’s in capsule and soft gel capsules to be taken orally with water.

It’s in edibles, such as gummy bears, in specific mg concentrates.

It’s in lotion, creams, and balms, to be rubbed on the area of the body that is giving pain.

It’s in a spray for applying topically.

There is even a CBD Oil For pets

What Doctors Are Saying

Most doctors don’t have any formal education on medical marijuana. Back when most doctors were going to school marijuana was in prohibition and made illegal for research.

These doctors received all their formal training in dispensing pharmaceutical medicines, so they have no formal education in writing prescriptions for natural medicinal plants and herbs.

It’s not that your doctor is keeping a life-saving secret from you…It’s that he or she simply doesn’t know about this alternative healing system.

You see, as monumental as the discovery of the endocannabinoid system was…it wasn’t widely publicized. And, to this day, it’s not being taught in medical school.

“I didn’t learn anything about this in medical school. I feel like I was cheated out of really important information about health and how to care for patients.”

—Preventive medicine physician with degrees from Harvard and Tufts University

“I believe that the majority of practicing physicians are pretty clueless about this.”

—Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“No education available. Nothing in a textbook, nothing at the level of medical school or residency. In order to educate myself, I was reading study after study, day in and day out. And I was finding that those studies were changing my practice, if not daily, certainly weekly.”

—Harvard-trained internist and emergency medicine physician

Right or wrong, most doctors simply don’t have the time to do that level of independent research. Instead, they’re relying on one major source for their “continuing education”…

Big Pharma.

And guess what? Big pharma isn’t interested in healing people. Selling pharmaceutical medicines is their business. If they cured people, they lose a customer. Profits reign supreme.

Business is booming. Take cancer drugs, for example.

According to one industry report, these medications raked in an eye-popping $123 billion for Big Pharma in 2018 alone. And experts anticipate that revenue to skyrocket to $236 billion in just the next six years!

Proof That It Works

In 2012 Lou S. was diagnosed with lymphoma. For the next four years, he tried everything doctors could think of to treat it.

It became an endless loop of chemo, radiation, and surgery. Nothing was working…and his doctors had run out of options.

So they gave up on him.

They left him hopeless and bedridden.

But Lou’s wife refused to give up. She brought him home and started researching. She came across a few studies on how activating the hidden healing system can target cancer cells. They had nothing left to lose, so she tried it with Lou.

And over the course of the next four months, they saw improvements that had never occurred with ANY of the mainstream treatments he’d endured.

In fact, Lou’s tumor actually got smaller and smaller.

As his daughter put it—

“I literally watched the tumor on his neck shrink right before my eyes.”

Lou was able to get up out of bed and walk, shower, dress—and live a normal life again.

If you’ve ever watched someone you love lose their dignity to disease…or if you’re facing this terrible fate yourself…you know just how HUGE it is to have a simple, safe, natural way to restore it.

It can make all the difference for patients who have been let down—and even left for dead—by modern medicine.

CBD softgels capsules


Having to live with pain, day in and day out is not a pleasant way of living. I know firsthand.

When I injured my back at work I couldn’t afford to stay at home and recuperate. I endured unbelievable pain from my sciatic nerve. I tried everything. Chiropractor visits twice a week until I couldn’t afford the office visits.

I couldn’t get comfortable in bed. So I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Shock treatments, stretch exercises, pain medication. It took almost a year before my back healed to where I didn’t dread getting out of bed.

My quality of life suffered. My family life suffered. I almost lost my job because of my lack of production.

So any medical product that increases your quality of life is something of value. A product that is not addictive or doesn’t require a prescription, can’t overdose on it and it allows a pain-free life, and is very affordable, is a win-win better alternative to pharmaceutical medications.

To learn more about what CBD oil can do for pain read my next article… Something that you more than likely will never hear your doctor tell you…

The new research being done right now shows proof that cannabis has great health benefits for not only cancer patients or Alzheimer’s disease but for many other chronic ailments that most of us suffer from on a daily basis. In A Doctors Warnings About The Health Benefits of Hemp Oil, you will learn essential breakthroughs doctors have discovered.

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