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The Ultimate Cellular Rebuilding Tool

The Body’s Miracle Molecule

Glutathione is the master molecule that rebuilds every cell in your body. Our bodies are assaulted every day by free radicals, chemical toxins, heavy metals and radiation that damage our cells and make us age exponentially. Without Glutathione, the body’s building tool, progression of diseases are imminent and all other therapies for health are wasted. Continue reading Glutathione

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Shocking Truth About

Hormone Replacement Disaster!

Something You Were Not Meant to Know


    Detoxifying your body for most people will cure your chronic illnesses and stop any diseases that are in development stages. You will be able to lose weight efficiently and effortlessly. But for some it may be just their hormones that are all messed up. Don’t get me wrong – we ALL need to detoxify ourselves yearly.  But some people will need to get a simple test, usually a saliva test or a blood test that will reveal whether they have a hormone imbalance. Continue reading Hormone Replacement Therapy




Under no circumstances should you allow any doctor to prescribe “Aricept 23” to anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease! Just say “NO!”

     This drug was about to lose its patent because of the very bad side-effects the drug induces to the victims that take this medication. The drug maker “Eisai” decided to skate around this issue by hatching a scheme to extend patent protection, to keep it in the market. Continue reading Alzheimer’s