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Worse Carb for You to Eat

The #1 Worse     Carbohydrate to Eat         higj fructose corn syrup

 If you are looking to detoxify your body of all the unnecessary toxins that can be consumed to achieve better health AND lose weight, then please read this report! Continue reading Worse Carb for You to Eat

Colon Cleanser


Colon Cleansers That Works


Most people do not know how important their colon and bowels system is. They simply are unaware that their overall health can be greatly influenced by the health of their colon and bowels. The average adult will have between five and forty pounds of compacted fecal waste in their colon and bowels. A colon cleanse for weight loss is the first step in losing weight plus gaining optimum health. Continue reading Colon Cleanser

Eat To Live Book Review

One of the best informational books available is Dr. Fuhrman’s book, “Eat To Live”. this is a New York Times Best selling book from one of the leading authorities of how proper nutrition can overcome diseases and illnesses, like Lepus, Diabetes, heart disease and more. He explains in depth how just slightly adjusting your daily diet will promote a healthy immune system, how to lose weight and live longer. Continue reading Eat To Live Book Review