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Super-Foods to benefit Your Health

Amazing Super-Foods to Boost Your Health


Whether you decide to believe this or not, the best and most powerful medicine you have access to, without a prescription, is the foods you eat. Likewise, on the other hand, the worse poison you can possibly consume is eating the wrong foods, such as the foods that contain sugars, transfats, artificial flavorings and color.

Over the years though, a few foods have been found to have remarkable healing properties that place them high on the lists of foods to include in your daily mixture of nutrient-rich food. Inside this special report, you’ll find a host of these super-foods that have undergone rigorous studies that prove their beneficial qualities for your health.

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Warning: The report you are about to read is no cure-all or magic bullet to healthy living or losing weight. It is only a guide that if you follow it, practice it, and live it, you will increase your ability to significantly reduce chances of obesity, poor health and avoid sickness and diseases, just by the foods you eat…

Dealing with a Sluggish Thyroid

    Symptoms of a Sluggish Thyroid


There are many conditions that show a poor thyroid function. It is widely known that your thyroid gland plays a key role in controlling your metabolism and body weight. But did you know that depression, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, menopausal symptoms, muscle and joint pains, irritable bowel syndrome, or autoimmune disease could actually indicate a problem with your thyroid? Continue reading Dealing with a Sluggish Thyroid

Artificial Sweeteners

The Real Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

    If you truly want to detoxify your body, to lose weight, lose belly-fat,and live healthier, know the facts about these three common artificial sweeteners listed below. Positively, if you want to lose weight, belly-fat, and save your brain cells, avoid these three artificial sweeteners at all cost!

  Most people think that using artificial sweeteners are better for them than real sugar. They assume that these artificial sweeteners are healthier because they contain no calories that may get turned into belly-flab. Here are some facts about artificial sweeteners that may change your mind the next time you reach for a soda, “nutrition” bar, frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream. . .

The chemical compounds found in artificial sweeteners replace the ‘sweetness’ of sugar, without the calories. “Fat-free” and “Sugar-free” does not necessarily mean low-calorie. In fact these artificial compounds can actually increase your appetite, or “cravings” for more, which is bad, if you are trying to lose weight. There are also sugar-free products with ingredients that can raise blood sugar. As you can see, “sugar-free” doesn’t necessarily mean “fat-loss-friendly.”

In fact, these compounds can be literally “deadly!”  These three artificial sweeteners can actually “kill your IQ!” Let me tell you about some of the problems associated with the most common artificial sweeteners on the market.


  • Aspartame: This is a common artificial sweetener with some side-effects that range from hallucinations to seizures to actual brain tumors. Example brands are Equal and Nutrasweet.
  • Saccharin: This compound is produced by combining anthranilic acid, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and ammonia. Not only is this compound thought to cause cancer, it is also associated with causing headaches, breathing issues, and skin rashes. Some brand examples are SugarTwin and Sweet ‘N Low.
  • Splenda (often on labels as “Sucralose“): can enlarge both the liver and kidneys and shrink the thymus glands. Other side-effects include skin rashes, panic attacks, diarrhea, headaches,
    bladder issues, and stomach pain.


As if these sometimes “deadly side-effects” are not bad enough, the added problem is because these compounds are actually “sweeter” than sugar. This leads to training your taste buds for really sweeter foods. This leads to wanting more and more sweets, rather than satisfying your cravings.

There is a “solution” to these artificial sweeteners, without resorting back to using sugar. Steviais what I recommend to all my family and friends.

     Stevia, is an herb from South America that has been used as a sweetener by theGuarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years. The leaves of this small plant have a delicious sweet and refreshing taste. Of course it is also 100% all-natural with many excellent properties

For one, the body does not metabolize Stevia, so there is no caloric intake and it doesn’t adversely affect blood glucose levels. This makes it an excellent choice for kids, as well as for diabetics.

In learning more about how you can detoxify your body, avoid these artificial sweeteners like the plaque. Also eat more all-natural fruits, which provide your body with anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients that your body actually needs.

Are Your Foods Really That Safe?

What is a GMO Food and Is It in Your Food?


With all of the technological advancements in scientific discovery, from cell phones to medical achievements, you would think that our foods would be better than they were 100 years ago… Think again. We are living in an age where one corporation is putting more importance to “profit”, than to what is best for the consumer. Let me explain. Continue reading Are Your Foods Really That Safe?