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    Exercise and healthy eating is the foundation of achieving good health. What you accomplish by exercising is (a) creating muscle, which speeds up your metabolism and burns more calories, (b) helps your body remove toxins that accumulate daily, and (c) relieves stress that has an impact on body functions.

Losing weight through proper exercising is the key to maintaining that ideal weight and keeping your body proportions at the right place that they should be. By creating muscle you burn more calories, you transform your body from making fat to helping your body rid itself of unwanted toxins. Weight lose is achievable without exercise, but it takes forever and extremely detrimental to your overall health, for the long term.

Let us look at the science that proves that exercise is the cornerstone of optimal health. You have heard the old ‘cliché’ that “no pain, no gain”. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. But it is a necessity to good health.

 Creating Muscle and Your Metabolism

    All our bodies have one thing in common. We all have muscle and fat. Some people were blessed with muscular bodies and little fat, and some people were not. Does that mean that having muscles is not achievable for those that were not born with it? Heavens no I say!    exercising

When a body has more muscle-to-fat ratio, their metabolism is automatically faster than a person that has more fat-to-muscle ratio. What a higher metabolism does is burn more calories. Up to 200 to 300 percent more calories! That means less calories are getting stored as fat in your body. So a body that burns more calories can consume more calories (food) and not gain weight.

Another reason about having more muscle to fat ratio is a good thing. Muscle weighs much less than fat and it is much more dense. By turning fat into muscle you will lose inches around your trouble areas, like waist, buttocks and thighs. But the best thing about exercise is the added benefit of detoxifying your body from sweat and breathing. Exercising releases toxins through your perspiration and breathing harder. Remember muscle burns more calories, so losing weight is much easier and maintaining that weight is more achievable!

By speeding up your metabolism you are converting more nutrients from your food to fuel, thereby eliminating the food energy being converted to fat. For people wanting to lose weight this is ideal. For people wanting to rid their bodies of toxins this higher metabolism is also better because it speeds up the removal of toxins through breath, sweat, and excretion processes.

Detoxification starts first in your liver. The majority of toxins will reside in this organ. By exercising you increase your blood flow by your heart rate. This increase will speed up all the functions from your liver. Toxins will begin to be dumped into the blood stream, there by detoxifying the liver.

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 Exercise Rids Your Body of Toxins

Exercise helps your body remove more toxins smoothly. When you go onto a detox plan, depending on the amounts of toxins present in your body, taking just detox solutions may take months to totally achieve detoxification of your body. To avoid the ailments of a health crises, exercise lets you rid your body of toxins smoothly, there by avoiding too many toxins being dispersed into your blood stream all at once.

Whether you know it or not, you are actually strengthening not only your body tissue, but strengthening your immune system as well. Exercise helps all body functions. You become less fatigued, you have more energy, your ability to fight off infection and illnesses becomes much better, not to mention how much better your body will look and feel.

The way your body handles toxins will be more controlled and better achieved with a stronger body. Toxins will not be able to be stored deep into body tissue because your body muscle will not allow such penetration.

You mind will be more fully aware and allow you to focus and concentrate on matters that require your full attention. No more foggy feelings when you wake up. No more total exhaustion in the late afternoon.

Exercise strengthens many other body parts, such as your heart. By getting your heart rate up for an extended period of time clears out some of the bad “sludge” that clogs your arteries. This sludge is what leads to hardening of the arteries.

 Stress Relief

    One of the best effects of exercise is the release of stress. Stress has many numerous side effects on our health that should be avoided if possible. The body releases Cortisole from your adrenal glands when in a stressful situation. Cortisol has been shown to kill brain cells when too much of it is circulating in the body. It has a detrimental effect on your heart as well, plus also causes insomnia in many people. Studies have shown that stress combined with toxins is growing at a rapid pace in America, which is causing all kinds of chronic illnesses and diseases.

When a person exercises they are able to get the cortisole under control. This clears up your mind so you can think more clearly. This also relaxes many of the other body functions to operate more efficiently thus avoiding prolonged influence of cortisole. When you go to bed at night, you will be more relaxed which will allow you to sleep better, deeper, and no more toss and turning at night.

So diet, plenty of water, and exercise are the Keys to living a healthier, longer life! The peace of mind that comes with eating right and getting enough exercise will expand exponentially. Happiness will abound. You will ultimately not get sick or suffer from frequent illnesses. You will avoid diseases. Your body will be stronger and less prone to breaking down.

Your body loves you. It always has. Even when you feed it horribly, it never disobeyed you. Now is the time to reward your body. Eat good nutritious food, exercise and drink plenty of water. Your peace of mind, longevity and good health will be your reward for taking care of your body!

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