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    Detoxifying your body for most people will cure your chronic illnesses and stop any diseases that are in development stages. You will be able to lose weight efficiently and effortlessly. But for some it may be just their hormones that are all messed up. Don’t get me wrong – we ALL need to detoxify ourselves yearly.  But some people will need to get a simple test, usually a saliva test or a blood test that will reveal whether they have a hormone imbalance.

The good news is that there is a natural cure for this condition. The bad news is that most doctors don’t know enough about it to even prescribe this natural substance. What is the substance? It is called bioidentical hormones, which are identical to your own body’s hormones.

Most people have not ever heard of bioidentical hormones. Also most people when they think of hormone replacement, they think menopause, but that is just one of many reasons why you might consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. (BHRT)

A hormone imbalance will sometimes mimic other health concerns that doctors unknowingly treat when the entire problem is your hormones out of balance. Just a slight hormonal imbalance can wreck your good health, even if you eat properly and try to stay healthy. See below what hormone imbalance can sometimes mimic…


Did you know that all of these signs, symptoms and conditions can stem from hormone imbalance? Your doctor probably doesn’t…

Uncontrolled blood sugarHigh LDL cholesterolHigh triglyceride   levelsUlcerative Colitis

Crohn’s Disease





Erectile DysfunctionLow sex drive (men   and women)FatigueObesity

Unexplained weight gain or loss

Joint pain

Stiff joints

Poor memory

Inability to concentrate


    DepressionMoodinessMuscle weaknessDry Skin

Hearing loss



Belly fat

Loss of appetite


Pale skin

Brittle nails


Let me tell you a little story that has recently happened that involves these bioidentical hormones and the synthetic hormone replacement therapy industry.

Not too long ago a study was performed by some researchers looking into why there were so many women at high risk of developing breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and dementia when taking synthetic hormones. They discovered that the synthetic hormones were the reason these women were now at high risk of developing these diseases. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, probably one of the biggest manufacturers of synthetic hormones, had already made billions of dollars on their hormone replacement therapy drug.

But when these researchers revealed the truth of their findings, most doctors stopped prescribing the Wyeth drug to their patients. People were running away from these synthetic hormone drugs in droves. This did not set well with the Pharmaceutical giant, which then started a smear campaign against their competition.

 The Smear Campaign That Backfired

    The Pharmaceutical giant filed suit against the pharmacies that were creating the bioidentical hormones. People depend on these hormones to stay healthy. Then, to add insult to injury, the Wyeth directors petitioned the FDA to initiate enforcement action against these pharmacies. After all, it was the FDA that approved their synthetic drug in the first place. Wyeth didn’t think that making their synthetic drugs safer for the public was a better option. Instead, they just wanted to halt all competition from cashing in on their cash cow.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Put Them Out of Business

    What do you think happened next? It caused a huge uproar from the pharmacies that were creating the safer hormones. The FDA received over 40,000 letters, emails, and phone calls from the pharmacies pleading for mercy because their natural hormone is better than the synthetic ones.

In 2009, court records indicate that between 1998 and 2005 Wyeth hired consulting firms to ghostwrite articles promoting the synthetic version of these hormones, without revealing their full disclosure of their role in these journals. You have to wonder how could a natural product be such an immense threat to this giant Pharmaceutical Company?

It was actually more than just trying to make themselves look good. You see, not only did this expose the dangers of synthetic hormones, but it also revealed that there are absolutely NO dangers taking the bioidentical hormones!


Why Proper Hormone Balance is So Vital to Your Good Health

     Let us look a little deeper into what are bioidentical hormones. According to the Endocrine Society, bioidentical hormones are compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones produced by your own bodies. These hormones don’t just mimic your self-produced hormones; they are created to match them completely! Your body can’t distinguish the difference between the two.

As I stated earlier, most people probably are thinking estrogen and menopause or maybe even testosterone for men. Yes they would be right; however, it goes much deeper than that.

First of all, estrogen and testosterone are just two of the fifty hormones that are responsible for regulating body functions – from over seeing your metabolism to controlling your immune system, even the way your body handles stress and how you fall to sleep.

But your hormones do much more than that. They regulate your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, bone and muscle growth – just about every vital process in your body! That is why a very slight imbalance can have a huge impact on your health, as shown in the examples above.

 Deficiencies Are on the Increase

    We all know that estrogen and testosterone will decline with age, but there are many other reasons why you can have a hormone deficiency. These imbalances can be triggered by prescription drugs, birth control pills, daily exposure to toxins, poor diet, illnesses, even stress.

So knowing about a possible hormone imbalance is just as important as knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. All it takes to learn if your health is being impacted by this imbalance is by a simple saliva or blood test.

Even though bioidentical hormones are natural they are still administered by a doctor. If you think you may have a hormone imbalance, or just want to make sure you do not have an imbalance, go talk to your doctor about the simple test.

You can also call the American College for Advancement In Medicine (ACAM) at 1-800-532-3688 to find a qualified doctor in your area.


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