How To Lie and Get Away With It


Corruption in America!

I am a believer in free speech and I simply hate anyone that tells me lies. The two biggest things that I am totally against are Liars and thieves.  I ask you to watch this video and YOU DECIDE, where is the truth?…Who is being honest?…. What do you believe?

So let’s be truthful to one another. What did you think of this video clip? What do you really believe? Can this actually happen in the United States? This is suppose to be the “Land of the Free, the home of the Brave”, where censorship is not tolerated nor accepted.

What is disturbing about this is that IT IS TRUE! Yes, this happens everyday in America. If a news report is going to tarnish the reputation of a corrupt mega-corporation mysteriously the news report never gets airplay. It dies silently away.

You don’t believe me? See for yourself below!

These two news reporters actually lost their jobs because of uncovering  the truth about Monsanto. Monsanto threatens to pull millions of advertising revenue away from Fox News in Florida, and then “mysteriously” the story dies along with the jobs of the two reporters.


This is how a corrupt mega-corporation stays in control.


I hope you watched the two video clips that were furnished here. It opened my eyes. I would like to know if it did the same to you. Please respond with your comments whether you agree, or disagree with the videos.

And as always, if you know someone that should be made aware of these video clips, please share them as well.
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