Monsanto’s Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods

You would think that when you claim that you have knowingly produced food that has ingredients in it that cause cancer that sooner or later people would stop buying your product.  Well friends and neighbors, someone has… The Government – OH, but not ours…

See the Top 5 Cancer Causing foods and Who manufactures all five

The New Monsanto Logo
The New Monsanto Logo

Germany takes action to ban glyphosate herbicide: Germany’s state consumer protection ministers are calling for an EU-wide ban on glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup herbicide. Meanwhile, Germany’s retail garden chain, toom Baumarkt, has announced it will not carry glyphosate products in its 350 stores. toom Baumarkt is the German equivalent to Home Depot.

Germany will soon decide with their vote “For” or “Against” Mega-Corporation Monsanto. Against would totally ban the flag-ship product of Monsanto, “Roundup”, which has made billions for this corporate giant.

Protest in Germany

In a resolution on Friday (8 May), Germany’s state ministers called for “the supply to and use by private persons to be banned for precautionary reasons”.
“This pesticide should not be found in gardens, parks or on children’s playgrounds. I also do not think use in private gardens is appropriate,” explained Lower Saxony’s Consumer Protection Minister Christian Meyer. He is the current chairman of the Consumer Protection Minister Conference.

As you already may know, the product “Glyphosate” is the main ingredient in the pesticide “roundup” by producer Monsanto.

Monsanto, if you don’t know or have been asleep for the last twenty years, is the manufacturer, producer, and laboratory for all the most deadliest poisons that man has ever produced on this earth: DDT, Dioxin, Agent Orange, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) Saccharin, Aspertam, and now Roundup.

Monsanto makes the Third Reich look like child’s play considering the devastation they are still bringing on the world!

The short History of Monsanto

To sum up what this corporation has done to the world since their inception is to briefly walk done memory lane to get a snapshot to what they are really after…

Monsanto was born around 1901 with the marriage between John Francis Queeny, a member of the Knights of Malta, and Olga Mendez Mondsanto, from which the Monsanto Chemical works is named.

Their first product that they produced was a poison, which they named “Saccharin”, sold to Coca-cola as an artificial sweetener.

Saccharin, is the first top 5 cancer causing chemicals that Monsanto created for our convenience.

Now the funny thing about this was at the time the FDA was not made up of previous employees of Monsanto, so the government sued Monsanto to stop its manufacture, but lost in court. This opened the Monsanto’s Pandora Box that started the poisoning the world with just a soft drink.

By 1920 Monsanto is the largest manufacturer of Aspirin and acetylsalicyclic acid (toxic, of course). It is not really a coincidence but some things started going terribly wrong for the planet Earth right after Monsanto unveiled their next great surprise, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s).

On the surface, PCB’s were once considered a miracle chemical. An oil that wouldn’t burn, would never degrade and had almost limitless applications. They were used in every city’s power transformers around the world!

Since they’re induction as lubricants, hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, waterproof coatings and liquid sealants, their real identity is now known as one of the most gravest potent carcinogens on our planet!

First of all, this chemical doesn’t degrade, so putting them into land-fills is meaningless because the metal that encompasses this fluid will rot away before the fluid will. This then unleashes the chemical to pollute ground water that we drink, the air we breath and lasts for hundreds of years!

This chemical is most widely blamed in reproductive, developmental and immune system disorders. The biggest center of PCB manufacturing was Monsanto’s plant in East St. Louis, Illinois, which has the highest rate in Fetal death and immature births in the whole state.

Even though it was banned over fifty years ago the devastation is still present in about all animal and human blood and tissue cells across the globe. Think this is just a coincidence?

What is sad about this is that Monsanto was fully aware of these horrendous, deadly effects, but criminally hid them from the public to keep their precious money-making commodity going full speed ahead! Monsanto made billions off of the sales of this oil and laughed at us, all the way to the bank!

Where was our EPA when we most needed them? I believe they were getting paid by Monsanto to look the other way.

By 1930 Monsanto had created their first hybrid seed that expanded their reach into several other industries and occupations. This allowed Monsanto to enter into detergents, soaps, industrial cleaning products, synthetic rubbers and plastics. Oh, did I forget to mention… all toxic of course!

They’re first hybrid seed was corn, which they were able mutate from its original form by inserting a virus bacteria that allowed them to genetically add traits from another plant to the corn. This would never happen in nature.

The second toxic food from Monsanto is GMO Corn. Along with this very popular crop seed, GMO Soy and GMO Cotton would be number 3.

But Wait! We don’t eat cotton! Yes you would be correct. But many cooking oils are derived from cotton seed. And since the FDA doesn’t consider cotton an edible food source, the use of the oil from the cotton seed is not regulated. But the oil from this seed IS toxic!

1940 and with it came World War II and Monsanto eagerly entered into the Manhattan Project to help produce the world’s first atomic bomb. This bomb, which ended the war, was also responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese, Korean and US Serviceman and poisoning millions more.

When you are very good at developing products that kill and destroy why would you stop? Which is exactly what Monsanto has continued to do. Now they are creating pesticides for agriculture. The deadly Dioxin, which poisons water and food supplies even though banned from use is still found everywhere.

It was later discovered that Monsanto failed to disclose that dioxin was used in a wide range of their products. By acknowledging this fact would be admitting that they created an environmental hell on earth for everyone!

Oh they have only just begun. Their partner in crime, DOW Chemical, in the 1960’s produced dioxin-laced Agent Orange for the use in the US’s Vietnam invasion.

The Results of this catastrophe?
Over 3 million people contaminated
Half-million Vietnamese civilians dead
Half-million Vietnamese babies born with birth defects
Thousands of US military veterans suffering or dying from its effects, still to this day!

So by now one might think that because of the history behind every product that Monsanto has produced that someone would yell “FOUL” and take them to court.

Again they were brought to court and from the internal memos alone showed they knew of the deadly effects of dioxin in Agent Orange when they sold it to the US Government. Outrageously though, the court allowed Monsanto to present in their defense their own “research”. This research obviously showed that it was safe and posed no negative health issues.

The courts favor Monsanto with a “not guilty”, but only later discovered that Monsanto lied about the findings and the real research revealed that dioxin is a very good killer.

So far, Monsanto has shown to be extremely efficient as a business model for all the other chemical corporations to strive to copy. They are a leader as a dominant corporation in their field.

But Monsanto has only just begun.

Monsanto partners with I.G. Farben, the makers of Bayer Aspirin and the Third Reich’s go-to chemical manufacturer that produced the deadly Zyklon-B gas in World War II. Together this forms an invincible team that later produce aspartame, another extremely deadly neurotoxin that soon becomes widely used in the food chain.

So how do you top an already popular product? You create an even deadlier poison to take the place of the first, saccharin.

Monsanto is getting very good at disguising authentic research papers when taken to court. They have installed an unbeatable legal team.

Aspartame would be number 4 on the list of the top five most toxic foods. The number five top toxic foods also produced from Monsanto is….Drum roll please…

This would be  any meat that is injected with synthetic Bovine Growth Hormones (rBGH), because this toxic substance is created from E.Coli bacteria, then injected into beef.

Ultimate Detox Guide
In the 1970’s another partner of Monsanto, G.D. Searle, wrote many research and internal studies which claims the safety of the product aspartame. The FDA’s own scientific research team however reveals just the opposite: This aspartame causes tumors and massive holes in the brains of rats, before finally killing them.

The FDA again assaults Monsanto by initiating a grand jury investigation into GD Searle for grossly misrepresenting research results and concealing material facts in an attempt to regard aspartame as a safe product.

Just as it seems that Monsanto is going to finally pay for their crimes against humanity, they are not finished afterall.

GD Searle wisely chooses the prominent Washington insider Donald Rumsfeld to become the next CEO. Rumsfeld previously served as Secretary of Defense during the Gerald Ford and George W Bush presidencies.

The sole purpose of this alliance is to utilize the political influence and experience in the killing business to “grease” the FDA so there is a favorable outcome.

Just as typical, a pattern is created. Just a few months later Samuel Skinner resigns his post at the Attorney General’s office in leu of “an offer He simply can’t refuse”.

Mr Skinner now goes to work for Searle’s law firm. This tactic stalls the investigation just long enough for the statute of limitations to run out so the grand jury investigation is abruptly dropped.

A new decade of 1980 is about to begin. In it a new direction for the United States, or should have been. With over powering proof of the toxicity of aspartame the FDA commissioner Dr. Jere Goyan was about to sign a petition into law to totally ban aspartame from the market.

However, again Donald Rumsfeld is called upon and he influenced Ronald Reagan for a favor the day after He becomes president.

Reagan fires the insuborninate Goyan and appoints Dr Author Hayues Hull to head the FDA. Very soon after this appointment the scales are tipped in Searle’s favor and Nutrasweet is approved for human consumption in only dried products.

Ironically, this leads to Reagan suffering from Alzhiemers Disease in his second term, because of his love for jelly beans and candy enthusiast. This is just one of many horrific effects of aspartame consumption.

Searles obvious knowledge of aspartame’s toxic value makes one wonder what was his real motives? At temperatures exceeding 85 degrees, aspartame “breaks down into known toxins Diketopiperazines (DKP), methyl (wood) alcohol, and formaldehyde.”

This form of aspartame is many times, say 100, deadlier than powdered form!

The National Soft Drink Association was extremely worried about the legal ramifications involving future lawsuits from consumers permanently injured or killed by drinking this poison.

When Searle was able to show that liquid aspartame, though still extremely toxic and deadly, is actually more addictive than crack cocaine, the NSDA is convinced that skyrocketing profits from the sale of this poison would easily offset any future liability.

Coke proves this point in 1983 by starting to sell aspartame in Diet Coke. As expected, sales skyrocketed as consumers were hopelessly addicted to this sweet poison.

The rest of the soft drink industry soon followed suit. Now All the companies are getting rich and to Hell with anyone who tries to stop them!

In 1985, among allegations of fraudulent research undertaken by Searle, Monsanto buys the company and changes the name to Nutrasweet Company. Then Monsanto bribes the National Cancer Institute into providing their own fraudulent documents that formaldehyde doesn’t cause cancer, which would allow aspartame to stay on the market.

The known effects of aspartame ingestion are: “mania, rage, violence, blindness, joint-pain, fatigue, weight-gain, chest-pain, coma, insomnia, numbness, depression, tinnitus, weakness, spasms, irritability, nausea, deafness, memory-loss, rashes, dizziness, headaches, seizures, anxiety, palpitations, fainting, cramps, diarrhoea, panic, burning in the mouth. Diseases triggered/mimmicked include diabetes, MS, lupus, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, tumours, miscarriage, infertility, fibromyalgia, infant death, Alzheimer’s…Source :U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

80% of complaints files with the FDA lately regarding food additives have been about aspartame…5000 products now exists with this additive, including diet and non-diet soda, sports drinks, mints, chewing gum, frozen desserts, cookies, cakes, vitamins, milk drinks, instant teas, coffees, yogurtS, baby food and many many more!


In my book, “The Ultimate Detox Guide,” tells how you can get yourself healthy because of these poisons. Oh, did I mention, it is still Free?

In the 1990’s we find Monsanto spending millions of dollars to defeating state and federal legislation that stops their corporation from dumping dioxins pesticides and other cancer causing poisons into drinking water systems. Monsanto is sued several times by the deaths, birth defects and diseases of the people surrounding these water ways.

With the vaults full of billions of “drug” money Monsanto considers the 100 million dollar settlements a low cost of doing business.

Will this ever end?

As long as the FDA has an “x” employee of Monsanto as their CEO, anything Monsanto wants approved, will get approved.

In 1994 again our FDA criminally approves Monsanto’s latest poison: the synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), which is produced by genetically modified E.coli bacteria. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Monsanto simply says that this milk pus is actually good for you.
From here they really get cooking with GMO crops, such as GMO Corn, Soybeans, Rapeseed (canola oil) and GMO cotton.

Because GMO crops are engineered to self-pollinate, it does not need the wind, birds, or bees to pollinate for them.

This is already showing results of killing massive Bee colonies.

This will eventually wipe out all known Bees of the world!

No more Real Honey. No more original wild plants. Just GMO plants will be left, which are all controlled by Monsanto.

Welcome To The Dark Side

As you may wonder why would they do such a thing. For total World dominance in the Seed and Plane World! If birds , bees and other pollinating creatures are killed, then no other crop seed would grow and reproduce, eventually only the GMO seeds and crops are left. That is Total Dominance!

I hope you see why Monsanto must be stopped! Not only for your health and your children s health, but because of their destruction of every living thing on this earth, all for money!

I hope that this article gets your attention about what we should really be fearing. Please share this  with people you care about or who really should know  about these foods. I would also like to get your comments or suggestions below.

As I researched the history of Monsanto for this article it made me shiver to think this may be the “wormwood” that the book “Revelations”  from the “Bible” was refering to.

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  1. Ken, it’s funny you should mention Germany and Monsanto in the same article, who do you think killed more people, Monsanto or the Nazi’s?
    I have my answer.

    1. That is a very good question Phil. I can’t say without a shadow of a doubt, but if I were to guess, I would say Monsanto. Only because if you take all the cases where the diseases that caused people to die were attributed to the cancer-causing chemicals of Monsanto, then yes, I am certain Monsanto would get top billing for the answer to your question.

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