Toxins in the Body

Toxins That Cause Diseases

    Why do some people get sick and die and other people never even show any symptoms of being infected by any germs? The medical establishment simply says it is your body’s immune system that prevailed and won the battle against the intruding germs. When toxins overwhelm your immune system, you either get extremely ill, or get a chronic disease. But is it really that simple?

It is much more complicated than this, however. It is not necessarily that one person has a better gene to prevent sickness or disease. It is neither necessarily that this person has never come into contact with the germ that has doomed so many other people.

Dr.Hulda Clark, Ph.D, N.D., has a unique understanding of health. She knows from experience and healing of patients why one family member may get sick while other family members stay healthy.

She states that there are only two causes of diseases: Parasites and Toxins. Her interpretation of Parasites is from sizes of very large to microscopic. These little critters are unfortunately unavoidable. However with proper hygiene and cleanliness most infestations can be at least controlled.

Toxins are man-made pollutants and with strict lifestyle changes these contacts can also be reduced, if not avoided entirely. Food and diet play a key role in giving your body the medicine it needs to heal (detox) itself. Proper nutrition allows your immune system to fight off diseases and sickness to keep your body in good health.



    As said earlier parasites sizes range from large to microscopic. Everything living on your body or inside of it that takes its food from you is a parasite. No matter what the size, it is a parasite. Some doctors call these parasites “pathogens”. There are the big to medium-sized amoebae, to even smaller bacteria, to the smallest of all, viruses.

This is very disgusting to think about. It is even more alarming that it is more common than most people think. This is another reason why detoxifying your body is more important today than in the past.

Parasitic worms like roundworms and flatworms are the most common. Roundworms are round like earthworms even though they may be as thin as a hair (threadworms, filaria) or microscopically small (like Trichinella). Flatworms are like leeches. They have a means of attaching themselves sometimes by the head (scolex) like tapeworms, sometimes with a sucker like flukes.

The diagram below divides Worm Parasites into two groups: Flatworms and Roundworms. There are two kinds of Flatworms: Tapeworms and Flukes. There are three different kinds of Roundworms: Threadworms, Pinworms and Hookworms.


Flatworms                                                 Roundworms

Tapeworms                                                                       Threadworms

Flukes                                                                                   Pinworms



Roundworms, like Ascaris (common cat and dog worm) are simplest. The eggs are swallowed by licking or eating a bit of filth. They then hatch into tiny larva which treks to the lungs. You cough them up and swallow them. They then crawl to the intestines where they become and adult shedding their eggs in your stool.

Worms usually have preferred locations in your body to set up residence. The favorite location for Dirofilaria (heart worm), for example, is the heart. But if your body has been sufficiently polluted with solvents, metals and other toxins, these worms can move to other organs for safer occupancy.

When you ingest any of these tiny invaders your body immediately goes into defensive mode. Your body will incase these parasites into a cyst to protect the body. Our white blood cells have been taught not to attack the body, which in this case, the cyst is now a part of the body. So the parasite now has safe haven in your body.


Life Cycle of Worm Parasites

    Flatworms like tapeworms have a more complicated life cycle. You can accidentally eat the eggs with dirt. When the eggs hatch, the larva migrates to their favorite organ. Once they are detected by your immune system, they are encased into a cyst. You could even get infected by one of these cysts that happen to be lodged in the meat that you are eating. Your teeth break this cyst apart as you crunch. Once ingested, this larva attaches their head into the soft tissue of your intestines, maturing into adults. The eggs and segments of these parasites leave the body in your bowel contents.

Flatworms like flukes have similar life cycles to tapeworms. The eggs that get passed out of the body in bowel contents were never meant to be eaten. They were meant to hatch in a pond where snails and minnows feed on them. When the snail sheds them they attach themselves to foliage around the pond. They live in a tough metacercarial cyst (cocoon). Once eaten by a browsing animal, they burrow themselves into the intestines with a sucker head where they live and continue this same life cycle.

Four common flukes are: human intestinal fluke, human liver fluke, sheep liver fluke, and pancreatic fluke of cattle. Don’t be misled by the names of sheep and cattle. These flukes are all found in humans!


The Worse Parasite

    Fasciolopsis buskii is the fluke (flatworm) that is found in every case of cancer, HIV infection, Alzheimer’s,  Crohn’s disease, and Kaposi’s, but  also can be found in many people without these diseases. This fluke has six different life stages.


The adult stage is the only stage that normally lives in the human (and only in the intestine).  Fasciolopsis depends on the snail for part of its life cycle. However, when your body has solvent toxins, the other five life stages can develop in you!

  • If propyl alcohol is the solvent, this intestinal fluke is invited to use another organ as a secondary host – which this organ will become cancerous.
  • If benzene is the solvent, this intestinal fluke will use the thymus as the secondary host, setting the stage for AIDS.
  • Wood alcohol invites pancreatic flukes to use the pancreas as the secondary host. This leads to pancreas dysfunction which is called diabetes.
  • If xylene (or toluene) is the solvent, then the brain becomes the primary second host location.
  • If methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butyl ketone (MBK) is the solvents, the uterus becomes the secondary host and endometrisis is a likely result.


Solvents are compounds that dissolve things. Water is a useful, life giving solvent. Most other solvents dissolve fats and is life threatening, because fats form the membrane wall around each of our cells, especially our nerve cells.

Pollutants are all around us. It interferes with your body and how your body lives. Pollutants can invade your body via the air you breathe, the food and beverages you consume, and even the products you put on your skin.


Metal Pollution

    All minerals in raw element form always inhibit the enzyme using that mineral. Copper from the meat and vegetables you eat are essential. Inorganic copper, like you would get from a copper bottomed kettle or copper plumbing, is carcinogenic. Unfortunately, the inorganic form of metals is what pervades our environment. From the jewelry we wear, to the bread we eat baked in metal pans, to the water we drink supplied through metal pipe. Another common occurrence of metal pollution is tooth filings in our mouths.

    Mercury amalgam fillings, despite the assurance from the American Dental Association, are not safe. Sometimes the mercury is polluted with thallium, which is even more toxic than mercury! Other prevalent toxic metals include lead and cadmium from soldered and galvanized plumbing, nickel and chromium from dental-ware and cosmetics, and aluminum from food and beverage cans and cooking pots.



    Molds produce some of the most toxic substances known to man. These toxins can only be detoxified by your liver. But since these mycotoxins are so poisonous, a tiny amount can incapacitate a part of your liver for days! Aflatoxinis the most common of mycotoxins found. It is produced by the molds that grow on variety of plants.

For that reason it is best to only eat perfect citrus fruit. It is also wise not to drink any commercial fruit juice. Of the thousands of oranges that go into a batch of orange juice you drink, one must surely be moldy, which is all it takes to give your liver a setback. A heavy dose of vitamin C helps the liver recover quickly. It also stops aflatoxins before it is consumed, right in the food container. So be sure to keep a plastic shaker of vitamin C powder handy and use it like salt on all your food.

Also remember that consuming any aflatoxin from any food will not make you sick right away. It may take up to two months before you get sick. This will prevent you from knowing what food you ate that made you sick.


Physical Toxins

    Breathing in dust is quite bad for you so your body rejects it by sneezing, coughing and spitting up and out. Imagine breathing in broken glass particles. They could cut into your lungs in a thousand different places and couldn’t be coughed up. They would travel.

Same is true for a pin or needle. If it had a blunt point, it would eventually end up in the colon, where it would be harmlessly excreted. But having a sharp point, it gets caught in the soft tissue where it works deeper and deeper.

You wouldn’t knowingly breathe in broken glass. We are justifiably afraid of it in our food or under our bare feet. But we are unaware of it being in the air we breath from the fiberglass insulation that is left imperfectly sealed off we have that insulates our homes. Any hole made in the ceiling or wall, even covered by a hanging picture, lets microscopic-sized glass particles into our homes. All holes leading into our attics or insulated spaces must be sealed airtight.

Chronic exposure from a small hole in the ceiling does a lot of harm. This can lead to a cyst formation in your body. This cyst is a perfect place for parasites and bacteria to settle and multiply. When the intestinal fluke settles there it becomes malignant!


Cancer patients with solid tumors  have either fiberglass or asbestos in them


    Asbestos is another tiny bit, sharp as glass that moves through your body like a swordfish, impaling your cells, until it is eventually encased into a cyst.

We have been lead to believe that our homes are now free from this carcinogenic substance since its use has been outlawed. But even though this may be true, the one source of it that is too prevalent is found in your cloths dryer belt. As this belt gets hot, the belt releases a blast of asbestos into the air. This asbestos is forced through the seams of your dryer and the openings of your exhaust hose. Asbestos is now in your air!


Chemical Toxins

    Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or freon is the refrigerant that is used in your air conditioning system as well as in your refrigerator coils. All cancer patients test positive for CFC’s in their cancerous organ. It is known to also attract other pollutants – fiberglass, metals, PCB’s – to form growing tumors instead of being excreted by the body. This would make it a super-carcinogen.

How can you detect CFC’s leaking in your home? By the time your air conditioner or refrigerator needs recharging; you have unknowingly been exposed for a long time. Perhaps one day an inexpensive, in-home test for this unsuspected killer will made available to all of us.

    Arsenic is used in pesticides. Would you knowingly poison yourself along with the cockroaches? It is because we can’t see it happening. Scientists have studied the mechanism of arsenic poisoning in great detail. Why then are we allowed to put it onto our lawns to be carried into or homes via our shoes? We then absorb this arsenic through our skin exposure from our bare feet.

What about the food that is fed to the animals we eat? The FDA is well aware of the arsenic that is used in pesticides on the food that is fed to these animals and has promised to do something about this problem. But until something is done, we are all subjected to this poisoning.


    Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) are oily compounds originally used in old electrical transformers, before being banned because of their inability of breaking down into less toxic substances.  But these toxic compounds are being used in commercial soaps and detergents.

    Formaldehyde is used to cure foam. Products that are made from foam, like furniture and pillows, give off formaldehyde for about two years after being manufactured. If you bury your head into your pillow at night, for example, you are setting yourself up for major lung damage.

As you can see we are subjected to a lot of toxins in our everyday life. As our environment becomes more toxic, detoxifying your body becomes even more important. These are just some of many toxins you encounter daily. It is to your advantage to be aware of your surroundings and know how to counter your exposure and know how to correct repeated contact of these toxins.

Life style changes can benefit you immensely in reducing exposure to these toxins. Some changes are:

  • Do not eat any moldy food no matter how little mold may be present. Wash all fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating raw.
  • Get any dental metal removed from your mouth and replaced with newer, safer alternative material.
  • Seal any holes in your ceiling or walls to lessen the possibility of fiberglass infiltration into your home.
  • Take shoes off before entering your home to prevent contamination of arsenic, toxic oil and petroleum substances into your home.
  • Detoxify your body periodically throughout the year to control, or at least minimize build up of toxins in your body.
  • If possible, replace air conditioner and refrigerator with non-freon type refrigerants to minimize exposure to CFC’s.
  • Stop using foam pillows because of formaldehyde exposure.
  • Do your own laundry to minimize exposure to PCB’s used in commercial soap and detergents.
  • Clean your house at least weekly to remove harmful dust and pollutants that accumulate.
  • Only drink filtered water from your house tap. Never assume regular tap water is completely safe. Use tap water only for washing and bathing. If you must drink tap water, run water at least one minute before drinking, to flush any metal contaminates from the plumbing.





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