Detoxing the Body for Health

Detox yourself for better health

Detox your body is something everyone needs to do every once in a while. Whether it is losing extra weight, avoiding chronic illnesses, or cleansing the body of toxins, it should be done regularly.

This can improve not only vitality, but also your look and how you feel. It can help you spurn off and avoid sickness, diseases, and make you feel refreshed and live again. There are several detox diets on how to safely detox and natural detox plans for you to regain that body of youth.

Vegetables for detoxification

A Detox Diet means just that: detoxing the body of impurities by eating healthy foods. This will make your body systems work more efficiently and help improve the natural body immune system.

When you feel sluggish or feel aches and pains, it is your body trying to get your attention that something needs to be done.

Detoxing the body has been practiced for centuries by nearly all cultures. It is the art of getting ample rest, healthy eating and cleansing the body of toxins that are raging throughout your body.

Detoxing the body rids your body of impurities that block your body’s natural filtration systems that keep your body running at peak performance. Your blood carries nutrients throughout your body to maintain a healthy body.

When impurities can not be filtered out of the blood by the liver, the kidneys, and to some extent the intestines, lungs, lymph nodes and skin, your blood does not completely get cleansed.

Everyone has a different body and what works for John may not work for Jane. It is always best to know what you as an individual need to tune your body, instead of going by the advice of someone who doesn’t know you or what may be best for your individual needs.

John may be a little overweight but he is never sick, never feels sluggish, and always seems to have a lot of energy to do things. Jane, on the other hand, is not overweight but feels like she never has the energy to do anything. These two people obviously have different bodies, and two different body systems, so what works for John will not work for Jane, and visa versa.                                                             green smoothies

Bill Cosby said it best…  “There are over fourteen thousand books written that teach you how to raise your child. All of them are right, and all of them are wrong.” In other words, what he is saying is we are all separate unique individuals that all need different plans and approaches that work for us. So to best detoxify our systems, no ‘one’ system works for all of us.

According to Peter Bennett, N.D., medical director of Helios Clinic in Victoria, B.C., says “The body has its own natural healing system. Detoxification enhances this system.” Bennett suggests that everyone should detox at least once a year. A short detoxifying program or whole body cleanse, is generally safe; in fact, scientific studies show that a detox is beneficial for health.

Individuals who suffer from chronic degenerative diseases, cancer or tuberculosis, should not detox until after they consult their physician whether this is right for you.

“There are more toxins in the air than ever before. It is almost a necessity to detox yearly”, says Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the author of Detoxification (Healthy Healing Publications). Page recommends detoxing for symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, sluggish elimination, irritated skin, allergies or low-grade infections.

 Which program to Detox is best for you?                                                         detoxifying vegetables for your health

There are many detoxification programs available, detox diets and detox drinks just to name a few. It can not be done overnight, according to Bennett. He explains “it takes the body some time to clean the blood.” His program involves fasting on liquids for two days, followed by a carefully-planned five-day detox diet to allow the digestive system to rest. He also advises supplements, herbs, exercise, and practices such as dry-skin brushing and hydrotherapy to enhance circulation.



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