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What Are the Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

It seems that almost every day there is more information about what research has discovered about the health benefits of hemp oil. Now that decriminalizing cannabis consumption by the states is reaching pre-1937 levels, more research is being conducted by scientists, as well as medical research institutions.

Taxation was one of the key factors that states have been accepting the will of their citizens in legalizing cannabis consumption. It is also getting more accepted by the medical establishment in treating many chronic diseases that plague mankind of all ages. Colorado and California are two of the leading states that state governments are watching before they make a decision on legalizing cannabis.

Even though state governments eye cannabis consumption as a commodity, documents from medical research all point to the many health benefits that have been denied people for way too long. You will find below some of the many health benefits of hemp oil made from cannabis and why it should be available to all adults.

Lung Cancer and Treatment Options

Lung cancer still kills about 140,000 Americans every year. However, this statistic is only about 27% of all cancer deaths in the United States, according to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. One medical oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Dr. Rafael Santana-Davila, says that when lung cancers are discovered early, survival rates are much improved.

Doctors all agree that the main reason lung cancer survival rate is only 19.4% is that lung cancer are usually very aggressive and spread to other organs before they are discovered.

Stage 1 lung cancer is usually very easy to remove with surgery because it is very small and hasn’t invaded other parts of the lung or other organs. “The majority of patients are cured—somewhere between 60% and 80% of patients go into remission,” says Dr. Santana-Davila.

Stage 2 lung cancer tumors are a little larger and have moved to other parts of the lung where they are harder to operate on. But even in Stage 2, says Dr. Santana-Davila, “between 50% and 60% of patients are cured.”

The grim reality of lung cancers is that in these early stages that only 16% are ever detected. Without any symptoms, most doctors fail to check the lungs or miss-diagnosing the problem.

Patients that are diagnosed with lung cancer most of them are given only one treatment choice, which is Chemotherapy, Radiation, or both. Unfortunately, doctors don’t tell their patients that there are other alternative treatment options. Why?

The two main reasons are:

  • There is too much money being made from Chemotherapy treatments to find safer treatments.
  • Doctors do not learn about other treatment options in medical school.

Despite the idea that doctors work together to offer their patients the best possible treatment plans for their condition, 80-plus years of federal prohibition have left most doctors very uncomfortable talking about hemp oil and cannabis treatment procedures. Most doctors were in medical school when cannabis research was against the law so their experience with prescribing hemp oil or cannabis is basically non-existent.

The untold story behind conventional treatment options using chemotherapy and radiation. First, if you recall, too much radiation causes cancer, so this technique isn’t the best option to use, in my opinion. Secondly, chemotherapy is basically poison that is administered to the patient to kill cancer tumors.

Chemotherapy is like throwing an atom bomb on a burning building. Yes, it wipes out the burning building but also destroys everything around it. Chemo not only destroys some cancer cells but it also destroys many good cells in its wake.

The overall bombardment of chemotherapy really puts the body into a vicious spiral of duress and poses many obstacles for achieving better health. Most patients don’t die from cancer itself but from the complications of chemotherapy.

Nausea, pain, and no appetite are the three most common ailments associated with chemotherapy.

This is where regular consumption of Hemp oil benefits the user the most. Full-spectrum hemp oil unlocks the many receptors of our endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short, which regulates many of our body functions, such as mood, behavior, appetite, pain, sleep, energy, and is also responsible for cell growth and apoptosis.

And since cancer is due to the abnormal proliferation and mutation of cells, the medicinal cannabinoids in hemp oil are known to help kill abnormal cancer cells especially in the early stages of cancer.

How Hemp Oil Helps in Apoptosis

Apoptosis is a natural process in the body where the cell will self-destruct once it has fulfilled its usefulness. Cancer cells grow as an abnormal process in the body because they no longer acknowledge the body’s signals that encourage death or self-destruction. They begin to multiply significantly and ignore any commands from the body to stop multiplying.

The endocannabinoid system works by helping the body reach homeostasis, or balance, all the way down to the cellular level. The ECS monitors all the systems to make sure they’re working in harmony. This makes this system extremely important because it also helps in modulating cell growth and death.

Throughout your life, you’ll encounter certain obstacles or triggers. Triggers from the environment, poor eating habits, daily stresses, and a host of others that can cause deficiencies in the ECS. These deficiencies can take a toll and lead to chronic conditions and disease.

Hemp oil acts like a key that fits into a lock. This “key” unlocks the body’s receptors CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mainly in the brain and CB2 receptors are mainly in the immune system. Hemp oil acts on the CB2 receptors turning these many receptors either “on” or “off”, signaling if there are invaders that are detrimental to the body.

This receptor activation can then help the endocannabinoid system in signaling an antitumorigenic warning. This means that it impairs cancer development by stopping reproduction, metastasis, and tumor angiogenesis.

Does Hemp oil cure cancer? The answer is “no” it doesn’t cure cancer, at least not all the time. A report was recently published about an 81-year old man that was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer. He opted out of his doctor’s suggestion on chemotherapy. Instead, he self-administered CBD oil. To his doctors’ surprise, his tumors were reduced significantly. You can view the full report here Striking lung cancer response to self-administration of cannabidiol.

However, hemp oil still plays a big role in helping the immune system identify where mutant cell growth is located. In a healthy body, after the location of mutant cell growth is determined, killer cells are dispatched in force to counter these hostile invaders.

In an FAQ article in the Sacred Plant, CBD oil helps the body identify and locate cancer cells in the body, makes the cancer cells “sticky”, whereas preventing the cells from metastasis and moving to other organs.

Some Secondary Benefits Using Hemp Oil

Did you know that the oil from the hemp seed is highly nutritious and may be especially helpful for the skin? It is full of vitamins and fatty acids that promote healthy skin. It has shown promise in helping people lose weight by supplying the necessary vitamins and fatty acids the body needs on a daily basis. Some many chronic ailments that hemp oil is especially good at treating are:

  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Varicose Eczema

Today the best hemp oil that you can get is the “full-spectrum” hemp oil, which includes the whole plant in producing the oil. Hemp oil is just comprised of extracting the oil inside the seeds. Scientists, as well as doctors, are finding to get the best results from using hemp oil is from the full-spectrum hemp oil.

Not only skin conditions is hemp oil a great product but also in helping control pain management, epilepsy, uncontrollable muscle spasms, neuropathy, Alzheimer’s disease, Anxiety, Crohn’s, and many, many more ailments. You will want to see my complete lists of chronic ailments (57 in all), that hemp oil is one of the best treatment options to control, and sometimes cure, these ailments and diseases.

Research shows that cannabis can help treat and beat over 200 health conditions and diseases. And science is finding more every day. Knowledge is power and learning the truth is awakening. Check out this post to learn more,

“. . . What happens in patients that have serious medical conditions to their quality of life . . . that are treated with cannabis . . . less anxiety, less depression, better neurocognitive function, and better overall function.” –Dr. Dustin Sulak

More times than not combining hemp oil and/or medical cannabis to the pharmaceutical medicines that a patient is receiving is extremely beneficial to the patient. I’m talking about the quality of life for the patient.

Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals that focus on a specific condition or symptom, the compounds in the cannabis plant serve many healing purposes. Dr. Zach Walsh, University of British Columbia Department of Psychology, used clinical information from various studies and collected patient accounts to write a paper titled, Medical Cannabis and Mental Health: A Guided Systematic Review, that was published in the Clinical Psychology Review.

In this paper, Dr. Walsh discusses the importance of considering the secondary health issues that arise from a particular illness or disease. He shows that cannabis and hemp oil can play major roles in treating these conditions, adding significant quality of life to these patients.

Different conditions varying from chronic pain to gastrointestinal issues, to skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Many illnesses come with secondary problems, such as trouble sleeping or staying asleep, depression, anxiety, and an impact on cognitive functions. This can reduce the effectiveness of traditional treatment and could require treatment by other medications, all of which can have their own side effects.

Painful medical conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, diabetic neuropathy, and many other ailments leave patients unable to fall or stay asleep. These conditions medical cannabis shows marked improvements over other, sometimes lethal, pharmaceuticals.

Brain Health And Avoiding Alzheimer Disease

Davis Wolfe, a natural health advocate states that “People need to consume CBD on a regular basis because it is the most neuroprotective chemical we’ve ever found, especially in a world with neurologically toxic chemicals. We’re saturated with it, everywhere we turn, even automobile exhaust, is neurotoxic. So we need to defend ourselves.”

“The Cannabinoid compounds, according to Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO, says “both the one our bodies produce and the ones found in the plant as well as synthetic cannabinoids, have all been shown to be highly neuroprotective. I have already mentioned that when we have brain trauma, our brain starts releasing more endocannabinoids to protect those nerve cells.”

“The same thing happens when we take cannabis from an outside source, like when we get cannabinoids from the plant cannabis. This has a neuroprotective effect. And again, this has been shown numerous times in animal studies, that you can injure the brain and protect it with THC. You can injure the brain and protect it with CBD.”

“This is also likely true for less acute brain injuries like we would see in an Alzheimer’s dementia. That’s a process that is very well characterized, where there’s chronic inflammation, there’s a build-up of plaques and protein tangles that impair the function of the brain, and it been shown that cannabinoids can slow that process and protect the brain against that harm.”

What I found that was very interesting when I was researching the effects of CBD oil and brain protection. There is some data that shows teenagers that were binged drinking, that if they’re simultaneously smoking marijuana the brain damage from the alcohol is significantly less. It is not a shield, of sorts, there will be some damage to brain tissue, but it is lessened from the cannabinoids that are protecting the brain.

I found this information sweet irony when I start listening to these so-called Intelligent sources that look down on people using cannabis while sipping on their cocktail drinks.

Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D., neuroscientist, was talking about a patient that was severely crippled from Parkinson’s disease. He said, “I’ve seen someone who had severe Parkinson’s disease, who had tremors and could barely speak because it was so bad. After a couple of sessions using THC, his tremors just went away. Gone. Did his tremors come back? Yes, a couple of hours later but there is nothing else out there that can do this. There are no other drugs out there that can have these types of effects.

Why Hemp Oil Is More Effective Than 20,000 Pharmaceuticals

The endocannabinoid system is the body’s switch-master. It helps regulate all our body systems and brings them in harmony to keep them operating efficiently.

The ECS is composed of neurotransmitters and receptors. These neurotransmitters are like carrier pigeons with messages. And the receptors are the pigeons’ cubby destination. And the message is usually to turn something ON or OFF.

For example, if you cut your finger, the ECS sends a message to turn ON your immune system and address the injury through inflammation.

But your immune system will continue to stay turned ON until it gets the message to turn OFF.

The ECS helps regulate the proper amount of inflammation response is met. Remember, too much inflammation can lead to disease.

And too little is insufficient to deal with healing the cut and preventing infection. So if the ECS is working with deficiencies, then the inflammation regulation is compromised, and disease follows.

This is where cannabis comes to the rescue.

They’ve discovered that CBD and THC molecules match up almost identically with the naturally occurring neurotransmitters within our ECS, known as 2AG and Anandamide.

Like a perfect fitting patch over a hole, these molecules can help plug the deficiencies of your ECS.

This boost helps ensure the ECS can efficiently maintain harmony in ALL your body’s systems again. This also means that by helping your body get back to normal, it also improves your body’s ability to heal itself.

By the body able to heal itself, less cannabis is needed as medicine.

By using a full spectrum hemp oil there are over 500 molecules helping the body heal, instead of Pharmaceuticals that only have one molecule to treat a certain ailment or condition. There are 113+ cannabinoids, 200+ terpenes, a variety of flavonoids, and more.

Each engages in the body in a unique way, and each plays a different role. When many of these constituents work in concert through the entourage effect, they become even more effective. This is probably the reason why there are no side effects of using hemp oil extracts.


In Conclusion

The Reason Why One Size Fits All Doesn’t Work

As a child growing up I was always told if you feel sick, take a pill. Sometimes that made me feel better, other times not so much. We are condition through our adolescence to take a pill to fix your problem or to feel better. This is also what Big Pharma wants you to do. They want you to depend upon them for all your aches and pains.

This just doesn’t work anymore. The biggest reason this doesn’t work is that we are all different. We are all unique. Even between our brothers and sisters, we are all different. Why should our health be any different?

This is what makes hemp oil so universal and unique. Because everyone’s body is a little different, some foods make us healthy and some foods make us fat, some foods taste good and others are disgusting, hemp actually works for everyone!

Finding the best strength and the best dosage is key to utilizing the maximum benefit from using hemp oil. My needs will probably be different from your needs, so the strength and amount of hemp oil I need will probably be different from what you need.

This is because of how hemp oil is utilized by our bodies.

It brings the body back into balance so the body can heal itself. Our bodies are the most sophisticated and complex organisms created. By giving your body something to “reset itself” is the best thing you can do for your body because it was created to heal itself to reach self-preservation.

One molecule, man-made medicines, that treat one symptom are full of not so favorable side effects. Don’t believe me? Just listen to a television commercial from Big Pharma announcing a medicine (drug) that they have out in the market. It has more side-effects than the condition that it is supposed to treat.

In many cases, medicines made from Big Pharma are necessary and can be life-saving. But not all the time. Sometimes hemp oil would be a better alternative to start with first. Our healthcare system is so taxed and overburden because of the number of patients doctors and medical institutions must see every day.

There is a better alternative to the one size fits all approach. They may help a chosen few, but not everyone. This is where hemp oil can help. It has many more molecules that work with our bodies to bring it back into balance. These molecules all combine to help the body heal itself.

If hemp oil and medical cannabis were legal throughout America it would actually be possible for people to grow their own medicine and not need the services of their doctor, probably seven out of ten times. Do you think that this would force the cost of healthcare down, instead of up?

What are your thoughts? I would like to know if you think the legalization of cannabis would benefit everyone and how best to regulate this potent herbal medicine.