Extreme Detoxification

Problems of Extreme Detoxing

     The process of a safe natural detox plan is to not cause your body to go into a traumatized mode of healing. Fad diets, fasting, and extreme detoxing can do just that – stress your body into doing more harm than good. Detoxing too quickly may be harmful, or not detox your body sufficiently.

Without adequate guidance from a professional some of these diets can actually be dangerous. You have to be prepared physically as well as emotionally to have any success with some of these diets. It is not something that anyone can accomplish easily.


Some Risks involved with Extreme Detox

     Many prescribed detox plans require fasting from solid foods. Without proper mental and physical long term preparation, you risk putting your body into severe fatigue as well as dizzy spells, headaches and dehydration. Then once your diet resumes to solid foods, you may not be able to control binge eating.

Your body metabolism also plays into this fasting. To drop weight quickly by fasting, your metabolism slows down to preserve what it deems as an emergency to the sudden loss of calorie intake. Your metabolism plays a key role in how efficient your body uses your fat cells as energy.

Use of strong laxatives can lead to vitamin deficiency, organ damage, dehydration, blood sugar and insulin problems, not to mention the loss of good bacteria within your digestive tract.

But the primary risk of extreme detoxing is auto-intoxication. This is when stored toxins are released into the bloodstream faster than your body can eliminate them. These toxins (now more hazardous than they were in their original form) get backed up in your digestive system and are reabsorbed through your intestinal lining.

Understanding what kind of toxins in your body that may get reabsorb is something you definitely want to think about.

The quickest and safest way to detox your body is through using natural foods, eating consistently, drinking plenty of fluids, and exercising. If you can decrease the amounts of toxins you ingest and eat good nutritious foods, along with flushing your body with plenty of liquids, you will safely and gradually be escorting the toxins out of your body.

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