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One of the best informational books available is Dr. Fuhrman’s book, “Eat To Live”. this is a New York Times Best selling book from one of the leading authorities of how proper nutrition can overcome diseases and illnesses, like Lepus, Diabetes, heart disease and more. He explains in depth how just slightly adjusting your daily diet will promote a healthy immune system, how to lose weight and live longer.

His dedication to proper nutrition has allowed him to do many quest appearances on TV like Dr. OZ show, 60 minutes, Martha Stewart, and countless other engagements.

His explanations are easily read and understood with details plus a whole chapter of successful stories from people who have followed his advise, that are now living healthier and happier lives. A book that should be in everyone’s library.

Eat To Live (paperback)

This is a New York Times Best Seller that will let you live longer, reduce your need for medications, and improve your health dramatically. It is a book that will change the way you want to eat.

Most importantly, if you follow the Eat To Live? diet, you will lose weight faster than you ever thought possible and never gain it back.

I recently had the chance to review this book, and man, I have to tell you, the information I received out of this book is truly incredible! I did not know many of the little details Dr Fuhrman talks about for the reasons people get sick, or catch chronic, debilitating diseases. So let me give you my two cents worth of recommendations about this book….

Eat to Live

A review of the book Eat To Live, by author Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD

Dr. Fuhrman has been an advocate of alternative medicine for years. He has countless testimonials from patients, mostly women, which bear witness to his doctrine of beating diseases by eating the right foods.

What I like best about his explanations is his use of analogies to describe just how important it is to eat the right foods. “Let thy food be thy medicine”. One of these analogies is comparing medical doctors to an auto mechanic:

Today many doctors prescribe medication that only treat the symptoms of many ailments, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, aches and pains, dementia, acid reflux, just to name a few.

But these medications are not treating, or eliminating the root cause of these ailments or diseases. They are only masking the symptoms, which give you a false sense of relief that you are doing something good for your body and health.

The analogy Dr. Fuhrman uses is that of an auto mechanic…Your car has the “oil” sensor light flashing red on the dashboard of your car. The sensor light indicates your car needs oil. You take the car into the mechanic to fix your car.

The mechanic tells you sure, I can fix that… Then the mechanic simply cuts the wire that is causing your sensor light to flash. Did this mechanic fix your car? NO!

The same truth goes for the medication you have been prescribed. The medication is only treating the symptoms, and not the root cause of your condition.

These medications are like the doctors writing you permission slips to continue to live how you have been living. You may actually feel temporarily better for now, but your ailments or diseases are advancing, not getting cured. This is the main reason we have the health-care crisis we have today!

Dr. Fuhrman goes on to say that the majority of medications prescribed today to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, pain ,etc, are not only not needed, but they are only making the problems much worse.

For example, when you are taking diabetic medication, one of the side effects is you gain weight. Eating healthy foods and weight control are closely intertwined together, in which when you eat the right foods, you stop the advancing disease as well as naturally reducing your weight gain.

Forget the old food pyramid that the FDA has given us to find appropriate foods that are healthy. The FDA is not our friend. The FDA is in business to make money. When they approve a new drug to be marketed, they make a lot of money from the drug companies.

The drug companies get rich along with all their affiliates, the FDA, and doctors that prescribe these medications. The new food pyramid has “vegetables” listed as the base of the triangle. These foods have the most nutrients our bodies need. Vegetables are the most important food group. I remember my Mother always saying, Ken eat your vegetables…

Mothers always know best

After Vegetables, the next most important food that must be in your daily diet is Fruits, and beans / Legumes. Then Whole grains, with a variety of raw nuts and/or seeds. Fish comes next along with fat-free dairy. Poultry, eggs and oils is the next category, with beef, sweets, cheese and milk being last…

New Food Triangle

Strawberries for example, have over 700 micro-nutrients in which to aid our bodies in the fight against diseases. Broccoli, has over 1000 micro-nutrients.

So is this just another new “fad-diet-plan”? Absolutely not! You can’t separate weight lose from health. When you eat foods that have the most anti-oxidants to fight against cancer, you inhibit fat growth in your cells. By inhibiting fat growth at the cellular level (detoxifying your body), you stop weight gain and stop cancer cells from growing; you unclog your arteries, stopping heart disease and high cholesterol.

To help remember these important food groups, Dr Fuhrman has come up with an acronym – G-Bombs. These are the most therapeutic, nutrient-rich foods that your body must have to fight off diseases. While fighting off diseases, these foods also will aid you in controlling weight gain.

G – Greens
B – Beans
O – Onions
M – Mushrooms
B – Berries
S – Seeds

I hope you can see why I highly recommend this book. It is for the novice as well as for the pro. Do yourself a favor, Buy This Book, I promise you, you will not be sorry!

12 thoughts on “Eat To Live Book Review

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed this review and your overall site as well. In fact I just bookmarked you. This review gives me further inspiration to go Vegan next month– just for a month to see how I like it. I also like your theme very much, particularly your fonts. Would you mind telling me what wordpress theme you use? keep up the good work! Diana

    1. That is a very good idea Diana to go Vegan and learn to stay healthy. In one month you could actually lose unnecessary weight, and strengthen your immune system all at the same time. When you eat the foods that your body needs, like in the food triangle, you help your body avoid chronic illnesses and diseases.

      Thank you Diana for your kind words about my website. It has the Theme Twenty Thirteen and I type all my articles with Verdana font with my word processor on my home computer. The art of having a home-based business is the uniqueness that you can create to add value to your own words. I hope this Helps you become all you can be.

  2. Interesting perspective i think from Dr Fuhrman.I liked that analogy with the car mechanic.I am strong believer , too , of maintaining a healthy diet as the core of our everyday actions.Getting the best fuel is a wise move for any organisation to function at high levels.

    This food triangle diagram you have is similar to the mediterranean nutrition?..From the list of g-bombs I do not only eat the mushrooms.Do you think that can be covered from other food combinations?…

    I will give it a go.Just to show my wife…Thanks for your review

    1. What is so interesting about this Tasos is that this is the absolute truth. Dr Fuhrman is not exaggerating. A regular medical doctor only has about a total of one hour of class learning about nutrition. The hundred of other hours he spends learning how to become a chemist. He learns how to treat the symptoms of an illness or disease but doesn’t learn how to cure you. If he cures you, then he loses a customer.

      The food triangle gives you examples of the different food groups that offer the best nutrition. Since every food group has a group of foods, avoiding just one, like mushrooms, is fine as long as you do eat some of the other foods withing that group. The reason being is that each food will have one or two different, vitamins, minerals, or enzyme that your body needs.

      For example, you love to eat strawberries. That is great because strawberries are loaded with many nutritious vitamins and minerals that your body needs. However, strawberries are deficient in magnesium, which is a must for your body. Unless you eat another food that is loaded in magnesium, like dark chocolate, you will not be getting the variety of nutrients your body needs.

      Hey Tasos, good question, I hope this answered your question.

  3. It’s always interesting reading about the different thoughts and plans out there for those who want to eat more healthily to combat a health condition. Because there are so many, it’s difficult to know which of the thousands to choose. Thanks for your insights – I shall check out this book.

    1. Thank you Nicola for reading my interpretation of this fabulous book. You will not be disappointed by the information you learn about foods, about our disappointing medical establishment, and what happens to your body when you eat appropriately. I know many people who have lost a lot of weight by practicing what the book preaches, plus how much their health improved. So do yourself a good deed and go buy the book. You will be glad you did.

  4. Hi just landed on your page.

    Love the wealth of information here. You can’t separate weight loss from health as you very eloquently pointed out. Something most people learn the hard way.

    Do you know if Amazon offers international shipping on this book? I hope so because it seems like a guide for quality living.

    Thank you in advance

    1. As a matter of fact George, Amazon does have international shipping ,but of course it cost extra. I am so glad that you read my review about the book because this book changed my eating habits, which led to my better health and my weight lose. The book is full of extremely good advise from what foods to eat, to when to eat them, to how to best prepare them. You will learn so much more than what you think you will learn. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  5. I totally agree with Dr Fuhrman. Mainstream medical practitioners are just treating the symptoms. There is a place for these general practitioners in some more practical sense but in treating chronic illnesses they are somewhat useless.

    As a diabetic they give me insulin to take which does not fix my pancreas, it just puts on more weight. Insulin is one of the major hormones in fat storage.

    1. I am so sorry Christine for your diabetic condition, but I acknowledge your acceptance of my article on Dr. Fuhrman. I totally believe that for anyone, you included, that truly want to avoid diseases to stop living like normal people and practice what Dr Fuhrman teaches. Yes, regular doctors write permission slips to keep us living like we want, which keeps us addicted to taking their drugs – for life! If these doctors cured you, they would lose a customer! It is their full intention to just treat your symptoms without curing your disease. I learned this the hard way… When they gave Chemo and Radiation therapy to cure my wife’s cancer, but instead, they killed her! I hope you don’t die from believing your doctor as my wife did.

  6. Dr. Fuhrman’s book sounds like a good source of information. I’ve always believed “you are what you eat” and typically eat only the healthy foods you mention. I love cheese though which has been my Achilles heel. You don’t mention anything about supplements in your article. I used to take a multi-vitamin, biotin, fish oil and B12. I’ve recently heard that many of them are actually harmful and so I’ve stopped taking them. Any thoughts on supplements?

    1. You are very correct Lynn in realizing many supplements are not all they claim to be. Many of these so called “healthy” supplements, including some “multi-vitamins” brands, are not natural ingredients but synthetic, or man-made chemicals that just mimic the real stuff. Many of these synthetic derivatives are what scientists call “zena-estrogen”, which is bad for the body, especially for males.

      I do take supplements and recommend supplements to everyone. But they must be natural supplements, that is all ingredients must be natural and not synthetic.

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