An Essential Liver Detox Food

A Detox Spice for Your Health

Back in early civilization, spices were treasured not only for their flavors, but also for their “medicinal properties”.

Today our modern culture relies more on the medical advancements than our previous knowledge of the healing properties of natural spices.

I give you an example. Did you know that cloves, sometimes also called the “stinking rose”, can safely help you detox your liver?

In a study published in the Tanta Medical Sciences Journal, researchers gave clove extract to mice that had been exposed to toxic levels of alcohol.

What these researchers learned was that the clove oil prevented the liver of these mice from alcohol-induced-trauma. They also recorded highly elevated levels of antioxidants in the mice due to the active ingredients!

One of the many active ingredients in the cloves is “allison”. The best way to get the most essential amount of Allison is by eating it raw. When you peel open one of the ‘pods’ and mash it, Allison is created by mixing with air. Just ten minutes mixing with air produces this essential mineral.

Cloves are also helpful in soothing intestine problems like gas, parasites, Indigestion and bloating.

Here’s how to take advantage of the powerful health benefits of cloves…

*    Add whole cloves to rice, curries, sauces, or poked into ham and

Poultry after it is cooked.

*    Steep a tea bag and one whole clove to make a delicious “detox tea”.

*    Take one drop of clove oil added to tea each day for 3 days as part of

a whole body cleanse


Note:  Periodic cleansing is the fastest way to purge harmful toxins, Parasites and bacteria from your body.

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I am an author and health coach and I welcome you to learn how to control your health. By Detoxifying your body with natural, healthy foods, you can avoid chronic diseases to live a longer happier life.

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