Hemp Oil Creams and Lotions

One of the reasons that CBD hemp oil creams and lotions have become one of the most popular forms of CBD for pain is it gives users the ability to treat the problem areas directly through topical applications, providing quick, and noticeable results.

Apply these creams and lotions directly to the area and rub into the skin for faster relief than taking orally. It helps to relieve muscle pain, soreness, and stiffness.

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CBD Creams


CBD Lotions


The Plus CBD Body Lotion is a special formulated full-spectrum Hemp Oil extract that moisturizes and promotes a softer, healthier skin with 200mg of CBD. It is infused with skin-loving argan oil and shea butter. Available in lavender and grapefruit.

The Plus CBD Body cream is a special blend of hydrating marula oil and nourishing argan oil, this extra-moisturizing cream was made to help your skin flourish. The bottles have 150mg of CBD Cream.